Annual Maintenance

State statues prohibit us from adjusting your assessed value to your sale price in a non-revaluation year.

  • New construction, remodeling, and additions will be accounted for as well as the removal of any improvements that no longer exist.
  • Property splits will be reviewed and value reapportioned accordingly.
  • Property owners of recent sales will be contacted and a sales interview completed to determine the validity of the transaction.
  • All sales will be entered into the assessment software as well as reported to the Department of Revenue’s Electronic Real Estate Transfer Return database.
  • The cost, market, and income approaches are considered in the valuation of land and improvements where applicable, only those properties that changed from the prior year will be revalued.
  • All parcel data will be entered into a CAMA software which will include a picture and sketch of the property. Property data will also be available online here.
  • Real Change Notices will be mailed to all properties that had a value change from the prior year.
  • Personal property statements will be prepared and mailed to all accounts, returned statements and doomaged accounts will be analyzed in order to establish a proper assessment.
  • Notice of assessments will be sent to all personal property accounts, even if doomaged.