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How To File a Statement of Personal Property

– Frequently Asked Questions –

Machinery alters material. Wisconsin Statute 70.111(27) states “‘machinery’ means a structure or assemblage of parts that transmits force, motion, or energy from one part to another in a predetermined way by electrical, mechanical, or chemical means. ‘Machinery’ does not include a building”. Some of the types of business that might have machinery are: Contractor shops, Heating and air conditioning companies, Landscapers Shops, Plumbers Shops, Auto Repair or fix-it shops, Welding shops.
Equipment is used to perform a task. Equipment is the type of items you would normally find in offices, medical offices, retail stores, restaurants, bars, grocery stores, convenience stores, car washes, and the like. According to the Wisconsin Property Assessment Manual Furniture, Fixtures, and Office Equipment generally includes: Architects furniture and drafting materials, Beauty salon equipment, Bowling alley equipment, Dentist chairs and equipment, Desks & chairs, Doctors equipment, including instruments, Filing cases, Furniture in motels, hotels, and rooming houses; kitchen equipment such as dishes, utensils, etc., for use in hotels and motels; and bedding, Laundromat equipment and furniture, Office furniture and equipment, Opticians furniture and equipment, Pool or billiard tables, Restaurant furniture and equipment such as dishes and silverware, Safes, Scales, Store furniture.
All business owners and owners that have a building on leased land or that has a building on managed forest land.
All personal property owners are required to complete a statement of personal property each year and are mandated by the State of Wisconsin to turn it in to the assessor’s office by March 1st of that year. The amount each reported will be sent to the municipality and a tax bill will be generated at the end of the year off of the assessed value.
Please call or email the personal property department. We are happy to help with this matter. or 1-800-770-3927
Every business should be getting a statement to fill out. We can check if you have a particular one in mind and make sure we have that one in our system and send them one as well.
Personal Property would be anything used to run the business what is not affixed (which means you can remove it) to the real estate. Any boats, furniture, equipment, computerized equipment, phone systems, signs, supplies (such as cleaning, mailing, or office supplies. See the statement of personal property for a list of each schedule, which will explain in more detail the equipment that should be reported.
This can happen because of the assessment ratio for this year. You can find the current assessment ratio on the front of your value notice.
Email or call us, we are able to help get your value corrected prior to the Board of Review. or 1-800-770-3927. Personal property values are based off the statement of personal property that we receive from the owner due on March 1st every year.
Yes, as long as it is before the Board of Review. We will accept and process late statements and send you a new value notice. Please note: if it is pasted Board of Review the year is closed and no changes can be made.
Email or call us letting us know when the business closed or sold. If you have the new owner information that is helpful as well. Please note: everything is assessed as of the 1st of the year, any changes after that will go into effect the following year. When looking at how you are assessed it is really for the prior year(s).
The taxes will be based off the assessed value. The tax value is calculated as follows: assessed value multiplied by the mil rate. The mil rate is not set until later in the year by the municipality. To help determine/estimate tax value you can take the assessed value multiplied by .02. Example: $1000 x .02 = $20.
You must complete this entire form and submit it to your municipal clerk at least 48 hours prior to Board of Review. Print Form Fillable PDF Form
Doomage indicates we did not receive your statement of personal property or the statement was not completed correct. The value is estimated based on prior years and best knowledge. In such situations, Accurate Appraisal LLC cannot be held responsible for errors that may jeopardize an accurate assessment.