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What Solutions Do We Provide?

Annual Maintenance

Physically viewing any property that has changed from the previous year. This includes all new construction, property splits, and properties that have been issued a building permit. The goal is to keep properties updated and value them on a fair and equitable basis.

Market Revaluation

The purpose of the reassessment is to bring all values to 100% market value. This can be done by physically inspecting 100% of the properties, partial inspection or market (sales review) only.

Full Value Maintenance

Accurate pioneered the process of Full Value Maintenance. Our proprietary service aggressively maintains 100% market value by performing annual market revaluations. This ensures every property owner is paying only their fair share of taxes on an annual basis and prevents large value adjustments while producing the most fair and equitable value.

We provide assessment solutions and support for municipalities and their property owners